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  1. Gain an Access Code to create and edit your business listing by Joining as an AHBC member. 
  2. Simply complete the form and in seconds your listing will appear and start to feature in emails and online.
What you get!
  • Actively promoted through 100's of emails every month including "In The Know" local business news every fortnight*
  • A business profile page.
  • Banner Promotions on the AHBC website, BLOG and Facebook.
  • Referral, Bookings and much more.
About Button Options
All listings have a "Send Referral" button and you have three other optional button:

Book Now - Ideal for home, remote service based businesses that want to use the business centre for meeting new clients.  

Send Message - This allows for people to contact you by sending an email message as your email address is not published to avoid spam. 

Apply To Join - Ideal for clubs and associations wanting new members or volunteers. 

All contact details are supplied to you.  If you intend to use the centre for meeting clients, you will need to book a space or purchase visitors passes

Image URL
Image size, no larger than 300px in either height or width otherwise the image may fail to display correctly.

Images are URL links to an image file. Eg through an image hosting site or on your web site.  The link must start with a http:// or https:// and end with .jpg or .png.

You can test the link by pasting it into your web browser search bar.  If only your image is displayed it should work.

If you are not sure, just send us an email containing your image and we shall link it to your listing. (Allow 48 hours to appear.)

Not All Listings Are Equal!

Some listings may have restricted exposure due to your business location and / or connection with Adelaide Hills.

If you work, live or interactive around the Adelaide Hills regional areas, you should receive 3 or more Adelaide Hills Relevance dots "◉" to obtain full exposure.