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How to load an Image URL

It's easy to add an image URL that represents your business or Association to your business listing or online promotion.  This page outlines two really easy methods.  Your images should not be larger 400px x 400px or 50mm x 50mm on your screen. 
From your website or facebook
  1. Open your website or facebook page on a new tab on your web browser.
  2. Locate your logo or image.  Normally in the header of your page
  3. Right Mouse button and select "Copy Image URL" or similar.
  4. Test the link by opening a new browser tab and Paste the URL into the address bar.  Press enter and your image should appear alone.
  5. Now paste the URL in to the "Image Link" box on the Listing Form.

Image Host  Service

There are many free image hosting services such as Photo Bucket and  In this example we will use PostImage.Org as it requires no account or personal details to be provided.
  1. Access PostImage.Org in your web browser.
  2. Use the browser button to select an image file from your computer.
  3. Select size 320x240.
  4. Select Family safe.
  5. Click the "Upload It!" button.
  6. Once uploaded, click on the Direct Link "Copy to clipboard" to copy the URL.
  7. Now paste the URL in to the "Image Link" box on the Listing Form.