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Hillbiwy Produce

Business : Hillbiwy Produce
Contact Name : Dave Stedman
Phone Number : 04 1278 1744
Email : Supplied on contact.

Relevance Scale : ◉◉◉◉◉◉6

About Our Services
Supplying fresh, healthy poultry and aids to grow your own poultry.
Eggs for eating, eggs for hatching, free range heritage breeds-meat and freshly milled feed.
Prices vary for eating eggs,fertile eggs for chicken and turkey, live birds, processed birds chicken and turkey and differing sizes of feed bags.

About Us
Always been interested in outdoors and farming.
Worked landscaping and fencing for approx 18 yrs.
Started growing chickens for eggs then proceeded on to turkeys for meat and chicken for meat and plan to grow pheasant and guinea fowl for meat also.
Prefer to do things the old way- slow and steady for healthier food and better results.


Days: Saturday

From: 08:00 AM Until: 12:00 PM

Special Note : Sales at farmers market mt barker

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