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About Scale

About Relevance Scale

Each solid Relevance Point ◉ indicates the relevance of the business or association to the Adelaide Hills general economy.  It is not a measure or indicator of performance.

◉◯◯◯◯◯ Low Relevance - Provides some benefits to the Adelaide Hills economy. (AHBC Member Only)
◉◉◯◯◯ Average Relevance - Provides reasonable benefits to the Adelaide Hills economy. (AHBC Member & Live or Connect)
◉◉◉◉◉ High Relevance - Provides significant benefits to the Adelaide Hills economy. (AHBC Member, Work, Live & Connect)

Only listings with 3 or more Relevance Point are actively promoted through emails features and the In The Know newsletter.

Relevance Points are assigned for:

1 Point Membership with AHBC It's assumed as an AHBC member, the business or association has a connection with the Adelaide Hills. ◉
0 to 3 Points Business or Association location to Adelaide Hills If the location of the business or the association is within the Adelaide Hills area, ◉◉◉.  Within an inner neighbouring area  ◉. Within an outer neighbouring regional area ◉. 
 1 Point Owner location If the business owner or the majority of members in an Association live in the Adelaide Hills. ◉
 1 Point Connection / Activities Based on connection or activities within the Adelaide Hills.  Eg.
  • Use locally produced products
  • Level of service provided locally
  • Level of local employment 
  • Level of local trade created from areas outside of the Adelaide Hills.