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Business : EasyFuel
Contact Name : Chris Hammond
Phone Number : 08 8367 2000
Email : Supplied on contact.

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About Our Services
Offering any business in any industry the opportunity to participate in a unique fuel discount system that encourages new and repeat customers and an increased spend for all. Free set up, no joining or monthly fees along with free marketing and advertising to encourage card holders to spend money in your business. A business can offer up to four different tier levels which allows you to reward the customer with a higher cent per litre discount for spending more money in a single transaction.
Costs involved are the EasyFuel transaction fee which is 1% of the sale total IE: 30c on a $30.00 sale and the cost of the fuel component which is calculated by the cent per litre offer multiplied by the system cap of 50 litres IE 3c x 50 = $1.50 cost.
Fuel discounts accumulate with an average saving of 23c per litre and the discounts can be redeemed at any fuel site in the country.

About Us
My role as General Manager of EasyFuel encompasses the entire spectrum of new business development, sports sponsorship, marketing, budget planning & business retention. I have a proven track record of creating new business along with expanding & retaining existing relationships. I am a firm believer in working with local business owners to offer a Win, Win solution for all.


The new fuel discount card
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