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If you're like most women in business you spend a lot of your time being busy, and whilst it might seem productive, the truth is, prolonged 'busyness' creates a mind that's stressed and a life that's reactive!

If you ever feel overwhelmed and under resourced, then perhaps it's time to mix things up ... perhaps it's time to slow down, catch your breath, establish your priorities and set some goals. And we're not just talking about business goals, we're talking about goals for YOU!

Our first Love, Life & Business session for 2017 will teach you how to find the clarity you need to design and live the life you crave. During this interactive workshop you'll learn how to maintain high levels of energy and motivation so you can achieve all your goals and more in 2017.

This workshop will cover:

- Where you are NOW in all 7 Elements of your life
- Think big, face fears and challenge comfort zones
- Design your ultimate version of life
- Create a life-plan that moves you closer to your ultimate goals every month
- Establish accountability and develop habits to ensure your success.

Delivered by the dynamic Jodie Nevid of the 7 Effect join us for this life-changing workshop and start the year off being inspired to be your best both in business and in life. Click here for more information about the 7 Effect.

Contact Phone : 8393 6447
Contact Email :

When : Tue 28/2/17 - 09:30 AM until Tue 28/2/17 - 11:30 AM

Where : Auchendarroch House, Mount Barker, South Australia

Price : $74.14pp

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