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Sales Secrets of peak performers

posted 14 Mar 2018, 01:19 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 14 Mar 2018, 01:23 ]
Post for Peter Daniels - Lead Australia

Some of you have been asking me about when I will be running the next MASTERCLASS on SALES and I am very pleased to let you know that this will be happening next Tuesday the 20th of March at 10.30 until 12.15 at the HILTON International, Victoria Sq.

The feedback that I got from the last one of these was quite exceptional, and people who were exposed to it for the first time were most appreciative to be able to participate.

I have called this session ......Sales Secrets of Peak Performers. It is basically the distilled essence of how to be most productive...and it's a combination of my learning from the past 40 years of selling!!

I will cover off :

How to find more business
How to meet these new potential clients with a 'warm' approach
How to present your business and products and services in an engaging way...AND...
How to close more sales.

You are invited to come along without cost, and this presents a great opportunity for you to invite other business owners ...who would like to make more sales...more come along. I am happy to extend this to them at no cost also.

By inviting people along to these sessions you are building value into your relationships and helping people to prosper.

Would you be so kind as to let me know that you are coming, and who you might like to bring with you.

The details are attached and you can register online

Contact Phone : 0411 593 246
Contact Email :

When : Tue 20/3/18 - 10:30 AM until Tue 20/3/18 - 12:15 PM

Where : HILTON International, Victoria Sq

Price : $89pp Limited Free Tickets Online or at the AHBC

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Gordon Kay,
14 Mar 2018, 01:23