It's About You.

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre (AHBC) is an innovative, member funded and unique approach to providing support services to local business owners and associations.

It Matters

There is a perception that government funded centres and programs can provide better value to you. This is not the case. 

Most government programs are restricted to the level of support you can receive, limiting the effectiveness.  In addition, the programs are normally dated and delivered by groups that have no incentive to change or improved their services when propped up by taxpayer funding. The centres are normally heavily staff to report on their client's activities.  Membership fees are costly considering the little benefit on offer..

It matters to us that you receive great advice, gain real skills, grow your business, have access to shared business facilities and knowing that we are there to support you and your business.

Disclosure! We disclose our effectiveness unlike funded centres. View our stats here. (Updated hourly)

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It Matters (Cont)

Affordable & Private.
Business services are delivered through a combination of automated systems and in person. Not being government funded, we are not compelled to disclose your business ideas and activities to various government departments creating disclosure risk and adding a reporting overhead to your fees.

Money Back Guarantee.  All services you receive are guaranteed to meet your expectation or it's your money back or at no cost. 

People that understand. You expect advice from people that know about owning and running a business.  You also expect an understanding of how owning a business impacts on you and your family. The AHBC team are business owners that know just what it's like to run a business.

It's About You. The AHBC has been created just for you and other business people. It's an innovative and rich resource of facilities, services, connections, knowledge and business tools.  

Open 24/7. Opened when you do business. 24/7 facilities and resources.  For Coworkers, 24/7 work space.

Getting on with business faster. Bypass the noise of doing business and focus on your goals. Table Talks and Business Start Up advice is the fastest and cost effective pathway to business success. 

Don't get bogged down with government red tape, as the AHBC can register all of your business needs from corporate entities, business names, tax file numbers, domain names, websites, trademark protection and much more. Better still it's all delivered in a simple to understand process.

Technology Is Business Gold. Business Technology is more than a website, it's a strategy!
The AHBC is considered as one of the best places to blend technology around your business. The centre is a Google Partner with access to a wide range of integrated online business apps that automate processes, reduce errors, save time and cost and risk to you and your business.

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Who and Why?

Gordon Kay - AHBC Manager & Business Owner - All Areas
The Adelaide Hills Business Centre was started by Gordon Kay, a well-known business owner throughout Australia for more then 30 years. 

In 2000 Gordon was approached by the SA state government to join a small group of respected business entrepreneurs to head up a group coaching program for business owners.  Over a period of 12 years Gordon worked with more then 700 business owners to enhance their businesses resulting in many gaining greater market share and increased profits.  Many have become leaders in their industry and recipients of national and state business awards. 

The current state government has failed to create an entrepreneurial environment to attract, foster and develop local business and jobs.

This is particularly the in regional regions area including the Adelaide Hills, Mount Barker, Alexandrina, Barossa, Fleurieu and Murray Lands

In 2010, Gordon set about purchasing and remodelling an 1850's bungalow in the main street of Woodside to turn into a business rich resource centre.

The centre is now home to many business owners and associations.  New businesses ideas are gaining investment and the skills to grow with control. 

If you are starting a new business or need some direction with your current business, then Gordon is someone you should be talking to.

If you are keen to host or help others in business, we welcome an opportunity to explore this further with you.

If you or your council would like to know more about establishing a cost effective and sustainable business centre to support and grow your local economy, we are happy to share what we know works.